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"Like many others, I suspect, I think I have great design ideas. Kendra, at 5 Lakes Design, uses them as catalysts and go on to develop them into designs to be proud of. Her designs come alive and always leave me smiling. She’s responsive, uber friendly, and shows gratitude for every opportunity she is given to blow me away. Unfair really. It is me that will be forever grateful to have such an awesome designer in my corner."



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"Kendra and I just finished up my first book, and it looks spectacular. I'm a first time author, and working with Kendra was fabulous. She was friendly, responsive, fast as lightning, and quickly incorporated all my edits, and I am hitting my deadline for publication. She made the process so easy, I'm already planning my next book. THANK YOU Kendra!!! You're fabulous, and I can't wait to work with you again."



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"Kendra Cagle is hands-down, bar none, the graphic designer to work with. Her limitless creativity, boundless professionalism, and what's vital to any client - her responsiveness - makes her my forever go-to talent for any graphic project I have. From web work to books, to special design, she never disappoints. Need design work? Call Kendra." 



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"Kendra Cagle has a profound understanding of how to elevate professional speakers, authors, and coaches in their branding across all channels.

And one of the beautiful opportunities in working with her is achieving intentional congruence. Where EVERYTHING is designed to complement everything. Whether it is for your logo, colors, social media banners, website design, business card, one sheet, email signature, or book cover, Kendra masterfully creates Unique designs that will help you position yourself as a thought leader and successful professional.


Whether you are a seasoned speaker looking to Rebrand or an aspiring speaker who is just getting started, Kendra is one of the best Partners you can have in this business. She has already helped many of our professional members at NSA Wisconsin and she is an incredible resource for everyone! Schedule a free consultation at to learn how she can help you achieve your goals.



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"Kendra has done several designs for me and I have loved them all.  From logos to board games to packaging, she is great at executing my vision.  Her designs are unique, professional, and eye-catching. I highly recommend Kendra's graphic design services.




  • Adam Torres, Money Matters

  • Alliance for the Arts, Thousand Oaks, CA

  • Amy McCready, Positive Parenting Solutions

  • Dr. Andrew Rostenberg

  • Aviva Goldfarb, The Scramble

  • Billy Arcement, The Candid Cajun

  • Carl Gould, 7 Stage Advisors

  • Cheri Neal, Speaker, Trainer, Coach

  • Cheryl and Louise Biron, One Horn Transportation

  • Chip Lutz, Unconventional Leader

  • Chris Efessiou, Speaker, Author, Radio Personality

  • Chris Ruisi, Author

  • Christine Krogue, Mama Moon Boutique

  • Christopher Kai, Speaker, Author

  • Cindy Tyler, Vervante

  • Connie Podesta, Hall of Fame Keynote Speaker, Author

  • Curtis Estes, Author

  • Dave Ferguson, The Leader's Coach

  • Dawn Mena, Captivating Copy

  • Dr. Don Kennedy, The Surfer's Journey

  • Don McGrath, Ph.D, Speaker, Author

  • Ed DCosta, Coach, Author Speaker Educator

  • Erica E. Nehls, Realtor

  • FireFly Floral & Design, Flower Farm, Special Events

  • Galen Bingham, The Leadership Strategist

  • Jake French, Youth Motivational Speaker

  • Jean Gatz, Speaker, Author

  • Jennifer Shultz, Image Consultant

  • Jim Pancero, Award-Winning Keynote Speaker

  • Joe Serio, Speaker, Author

  • John C. Maxwell, The John Maxwell Company

  • Jon Petz, Speaker, Author, Entertainer

  • Jonathan Edison, Speaker, Author

  • Joshua Fredenburg. Circle of Change Leadership Experience

  • Joyce Zook, Speaker, Author, Coach

  • Karen Leland, Sterling Marketing Group

  • Kelly Trisler, Author

  • Kerry Jones, Author

  • Krista Rizzo, Why Am I Yelling

  • Lisa Copeland, Speaker, Author

  • Lisa Fontanella, Coach, Author, Jewelry Designer

  • Liz Uram, Speaker, Trainer

  • Marietta Goldman, Radiant Healing

  • Marnie Tate, Author

  • Mary Dargan-Palmer, Dargan Landscape Architects

  • Meridith Elliott Powell, Speaker, Author

  • Michael Vukelic, Outrageous Success

  • Nathan & Jenni Oates, Elev8 Oils

  • Neen James, Speaker, Author

  • Patti Cotton, Speaker, Author, 360 Leadership

  • Phil Gerbyshak, Speaker, Consultant, Coach

  • PMA Associates

  • Raj Goel, Author, Speaker, IT Expert

  • Refuel Group Fitness Center

  • Rick Sessinghaus, Perform For Success

  • Roger Wolkoff, Motivational Speaker

  • Roger Young, Excel Leadership Group

  • Ron J. West, Keynote Speaker, Author

  • Samm Smeltzer, Leadership is Art

  • Sara Canaday, Speaker, Author

  • Sima Dahl, Sway Factory, Inc.

  • Simon T. Bailey, Breakthrough Strategist, Speaker, Author

  • Susan C. Young, Speaker, Author, Consultant

  • Susanne Gaddis, The Communications Dr.

  • Suzanne Duret, Strategist

  • Tam Veilleux, Coach, Creative, Author

  • Terry Arnold, The IBC Network Foundation

  • Theresa Rose, Coach, Comedian, Facilitator

  • Tina Hallis, Speaker, Author

  • Tony Chatman, Corporate Relationship Expert

  • True Life Alliance

  • Plus so many more . . .

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