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One thing I LOVE about what I do is the endless possibilities of design and creativity. Often, people will come to me, hesitant to express an idea or thought, fearing it may be too outrageous to be possible. Well, I'm here to tell you that there have been few if any ideas brought to me that I was not able to help problem solve a way to bring to fruition.  

I have proudly worked with entrepreneurs across many industries, with many amazing and unique ideas. 

I love a challenge and being creative, problem-solving, and thinking outside the box is where I thrive. If you require high-end design of any kind, let's set-up a time to chat about your ideas. I will help you turn them into reality.

Christine Krogue.png

"Kendra has done several designs for me and I have loved them all.  From logos to board games to packaging, she is great at executing my vision.  Her designs are unique, professional, and eye-catching. I highly recommend Kendra's graphic design services."




The following projects showcase some unique opportunities I have had with clients and local small businesses. Working to help individuals and small business with big ideas is at the heart of why I love working in this industry.


Christine Krogue is the creator of the below games. Working closely with her, we developed the design, artwork, and production-ready files. All games are available for purchase on Amazon.



Creativity and artistic ability definitely run in my family and take shape in many different ways. From traditional art and design to music, we are a creative bunch. My mom, Tracy LaValley-Hall opened her Flower Farm in Lyons, NY in the spring of 2016. Her passion for expressing herself through gorgeous and unique floral arrangements, for weddings, special events, and for the sake of being surrounded by beauty, are an inspiration to myself and others. I worked closely with her to create a brand and a message that would help develop her passion into a reality and she now happily owns and operates Firefly Floral & Design.

FFF Web.jpg

"Kendra is absolutely amazing! She has done so much for our business from designing the front of the building to the inside, the menus, and our advertisements! Pretty sure she is capable of just about anything. Thank you again for everything you’ve done!"




Are you in need of something specific like a logo, speaker one sheet or book cover? Or do you just have a crazy idea and want to talk about the possibilities of bringing your vision to life?


Contact me today and let's set up a time to talk!

Please allow 1 to 2 weeks for reply. I'm currently experiencing a big beautiful storm of requests, and quality is my TOP priority for every client. I will get back to you as soon as I possibly can while upholding current commitments.

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